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  • Fight Coordinator for TV and film production
  • Fight scene choreography
  • Actor Safety guardian
  • Script breakdowns
  • Risk assessments
  • Stunt performer
  • Actor
  • 22+ yrs full member of Equity and member of the BSR
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Fully trained and qualified in safety management in Film & TV Production. 
If you need a fight scene choreographed, coordinated or an expert present to monitor safety during an actor's fight performance I can help. I have 22+ years experience in the industry.
I am also a stunt performer, my most recent work has been on the latest James Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’,‘The Batman’ and ‘Gangs of London’.

I have decades of experience performing in the UK and other countries on a multitude of TV and film productions.

I have an extensive background in martial arts and training in different forms of combat. 

Safety first - as an ex-fireman I have experience of dealing with emergency situations. I'm also highly qualified in safety management in films and TV productions.

What is a Fight Scene Safety Guardian?

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