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Welcome to my website, I would like to introduce myself…



I'm Erol Mehmet - Fight Coordinator and Stunt Performer.


Recently I had the opportunity to work on the latest James Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’ and ‘The Batman’ - two movies with such a history that I could only dream of being in as a kid. I enjoyed working on ‘Gangs of London’ which has also proved to be really popular this year.



Since I was very young I have studied martial arts extensively and grew up watching action films wanting to be part of that world. My dad would encourage me, paying for and allowing me to learn different styles of fighting. He told me I could be anything I wanted to be so I kept trying hard. 

Juggling a career and a dream...

22+ years ago I became a qualified stunt performer whilst working for the London Fire Brigade. During that time as a fireman, safety and emergency care were key. Of course, this gave me a great foundation so whatever I did in my stunt performing or fight coordinating I had a natural ability to understand and implement health & safety regulations. 

Through my job I’ve dealt with many highly intense and life-threatening incidents, as a result, I can see potential hazards before they arise and I’m calm in difficult situations. I’m trained in the use of breathing apparatus, immediate emergency care, first aid and have an advanced production health and safety certificate. 

Like many, I managed to juggle a career and a passion for stunts which I will always be grateful for. However, I eventually decided to hang up my uniform and be totally committed to my stunt work.

My life in the stunt industry...

For 22+ years I have been a member of the British Stunt Register and Equity, always wanting to progress through experience and doing different courses. I have decades of experience performing in the UK and other countries on a multitude of TV and film productions. My progression through the industry included time as an instructor for the Action Academy doing different styles of combat and using a wide range of weapons. 

I offer my services as a Fight Coordinator, Stunt Performer, Fight Scene Actor Safety Guardian and Actor.

Contact me today for all enquiries, call 07770934916 or email

Looking back at my career, four movies will always hold a special place in my heart – the bar fight scene in 'Legend', the church fight scene in 'The Kingsman', stunt driving in 'Angel has Fallen' and fight coordinating with Danny Boyle on Trainspotting 2.

Other credits are:

  • James Bond ‘No Time to Die’

  • The Batman

  • Fast & Furious 9

  • Angel has Fallen

  • 355

  • Gangs of London

  • BulletProof 2

  • The Rock

  • Gumshoe

  • Mary Queen of Scotts

  • Legend

  • BulletProof

  • Kingsman – The Secret Service

  • Trainspotting 2

  • Peaky Blinders

  • Game of Thrones


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Thank you for visiting my website.

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