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Fighting fit

Updated: May 26, 2020

Fight performing
Fighting fitness

Are you fighting fit?

Fitness plays a key part in being a stuntman and sometimes it's tough getting a balance. A balance between enhancing your physique and not losing 'your look', a look that has made you ideal for specific stunt roles.

Most people have a good idea about health and fitness - you need to move your body to keep fit and you should try to eat healthy foods for good nutrition.

Juggling balls and science

I need to be fighting fit, it's part of my job and like most people, I have to juggle many aspects of my life and make my fitness regime happen - even if it's just a 30 minute run.

I'm taking a journey and decided to open up my mind to the science of health and fitness. I want to learn about what happens inside and out to my body - before, during and after I train.

I want to understand how I can adapt my eating to get certain results.

Fighting fit - it literally is 'a science', a calculation, an estimation and determination.

We are who we are, we have jeans, we have restrictions and challenges but we can still make big positive changes to our existence.

Jump on board!

For those of you that want to jump on board and take that journey with me - this is the ticket office:

Take a look and check in with me again soon to find out about my different destinations along the way.

My first stop was addressing the topic of fitness structure and discipline.

I'll be back...

Do you need help with fight choreography? I'm an experienced actor, performer and coordinator contact me today for more information.

Call: 07770934916

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